Clear, persuasive communication to grow your business.


Helping Professional Service Providers Engage Their Target Markets With Persuasive Marketing Content

How Do You Stand Apart?

How do you differentiate yourself when the solutions you provide are hard to explain ...


And when they call for a major investment of both dollars and trust? 

I'm Kady Hommel, and I work with professional service providers such as consultants, accountants and attorneys – businesses that need to:

  • Explain complex ideas and solutions 
  • Do it simply, and in a compelling way
  • Convey assurance about a choice well made 

I help them grow their businesses with strategic, targeted marketing communications such as e-newsletters, web content, lead magnets, special reports, case studies and thought leadership articles.

Unlike many other writers, I’ve worked as a marketing director for a large professional services provider, so I understand how to differentiate an intangible service. 

This means I can help you enrich and elevate your positioning to set you apart from your competitors, and attract more of your best clients. 

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