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Why Work With Me?


The Alchemy of Connection

The challenge of marketing professional services is to convert your assets – credentials, expertise, track record and talent – into a compelling message. A message that’s timely, relevant and direct to draw your best, right clients and prospects into the fold. I get that. 

I help you build a strong connection with your best-fit clients and prospects – to set the foundation for more profitable relationships over the long term.

I’ve spent my career helping businesses communicate to reflect their clients’ and customers’ needs first and foremost … putting the client in the center of the story, speaking in his or her terms, and setting a clear path from problem to solution.


Because I understand the sensitive dynamic of how prospects choose high-value services, I manage the alchemy of reputation, expertise and likeability to create a human connection … a connection with a stronger legacy than any individual transaction.

I Help You Develop Solutions Into Assurances, and Make Complex Ideas Accessible

Your prospects have a need or a problem – and you have the specialized expertise to solve it. So do a lot of your peers. I can help you add the special sauce of “assurance” to tip the scales in your favor. 

Explaining a complex, high-value service involves creating hooks or “points of entry” that match a prospect’s need or question. I’m good at breaking complex ideas down into smaller bites and sequencing how to understand a problem. Your prospect gets a better view of their problem, and in the process, a solution – your solution – becomes the next logical step.

I can help you present solutions; but more than that, communicate those solutions to extend past the transaction so they serve as the foundation for a productive, long-term relationship. 

I Help You Avoid the Cost and Stress of an Unaligned Client Relationship

Selling a high-value service is different from selling a book. Or a widget. Or an oil change. The seller of books or widgets or oil changes casts a wide net. The transactions are small, so the volume must be high. And cost and risk to either party are low if the book, widget or oil change is not the perfect answer.


On the other hand, it’s costly on several levels in the professional service world – for both parties – when you engage with a client who’s not a great fit.

I can help you communicate your what/why/how more effectively to attract more of the right prospects – those you can serve well and efficiently, and where your value-add can truly make a difference.

I Help You Grow Awareness Into Engagement

Developing and maintaining awareness is a long game. I can help you offer valuable, service-driven content – consistently – so you are top of mind when your prospects actually need your services.

I help you set a path that builds awareness and leads to engagement. When your prospect walks this path, you answer key questions along the way. 

The end result is seamless engagement, minus much of the natural friction – and uncertainty – of a new business relationship.

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